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Hans Matheson played Silver Johnny in the original Royal Court production of 'Mojo'. He also appeared in the Jez and Tom Butterworth scripted 'Christmas', broadcast on Channel Four. On television he has also featured in 'Poldark', 'Bramwell', 'Wycliffe' and most recently in 'Family Money', a four part series for Channel Four adapted from the novel by Nina Bawden. On film he starred in 'Mojo' directed by Jez Butterworth 'Stella Does Tricks', 'Les Miserables' and 'Still Crazy'.

Two young opportunists steal a briefcase, which turns out to contain wads of money. Their victim shoots at them, but they seem to escape unscathed onto an unused platform where they board a mysterious train. A preacher reads from the bible and a young boy washes passenger's feet. Leaving the train the couple leave the money with a tramp before heading to the exit where only Michael's ticket is valid.

"It's about Christianity, about following your heart and soul. Nobody's irreligious. Everybody has a belief, which is their religion. It's a very powerful thing. This film is all about believing." Hans Matheson
"Heaven is a muddy field in Cockfosters, in this film anyway." Hans Matheson.
"I always have a strange experience on the tube. I find it bizarre that you have all these people sitting together not communicating. They're all just locked into themselves." Hans Matheson

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"It's about whatever it is that happens if you've been a good person, and that doesn't mean - you can do bad things in your life but if you're prepared to take on the challenge of life. And that will mean that you have to struggle and you have to go through pain and you have to acknowledge who you are and be true to who you really are. And being true to aho you really are is a very hard thing to do because it's not about being 'happy' and 'nice', because we're not. I don't feel that we are 'nice'. I don't think we are as human beings. There's lots of dark and moody feelings that come with being who we are'

"I think that most kids are inspired by the films they see, so we did actually decide in rehearsals at the beginning that they would have watched "True Romance" together and it would have been a fantasy that they would try to fulfill in their lives. And why not? It's like the gangster film. I believe that yesterday's gangster film [goers] are tomorrow's true gangsters, because they are inspired by what they see."

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