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The Bill - Still Waters (1995)

Season 11, Episode 102

Hans' Role Lee

Screen Captures Thanks to Alan for the screen caps

The Bill Official Site

"The Bill" is a long-running British Police drama series transmitted on ITV. and produced by Fremantle Media. It was first aired in 1984 The Bill is a nickname for the police force.It was first aired

The Bill is set in and around Sun Hill police station in the fictional London borough of Canley in East London. Other police stations within the Canley Borough Operational Command Unit (BOCU), mentioned but (usually) unseen, are Barton Street, which is the location of Borough Headquarters, Stafford Row and Spicer Street. Canley is approximately contiguous with the real London Borough of Tower Hamlets, but filming takes place all over London, mainly in South London and particularly the London Borough of Merton, where the Sun Hill set is located (on Deer Park Road, SW19). The main locations used when the show is filmed on an estate are the Cambridge Estate, in Kingston, south west London and the High Path Estate, in South Wimbledon, south west London (approx 10 minutes walk from the main set). Other main estates used are Durand Close, in Carshalton, and Roundshaw estate opposite Mellows Park in Wallington, London. Sometimes scenes are filmed in East London and notably the London Docklands standing in for Canley.

The Bill is unusual among police shows: it takes a serial format and it does not focus on one particular area of police work. The show focuses on the work and lives of patrol and response officers on one relief in the uniform division, and the work of the CID.

In its current serial format, some stories are cleared up in an episode or two, whereas others can stretch over months or even in some cases approaching a year.

It started as a one-off drama for ITV entitled Woodentop; this pilot show starred Mark Wingett as PC Jim Carver and Trudie Goodwin as WPC June Ackland on Carver's first day on the beat at Sun Hill police station.

It was originally devised by Geoff McQueen, and it impressed ITV so much that they decided to make a series out of it. Wingett left the cast in early 2005, while Goodwin's last episode was broadcast on 8 March 2007 (coincidentally the last episode since the serialised format was introduced by Paul Marquess to be broadcast without an episode title).

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