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Hans Matheson - Appearing in "Still Crazy"

Neon Magazine (UK), Nov 1998, Page 10

At 22, you've already played two rock stars - first in Mojo and now Still Crazy...

I think everyone wants to be a rock'n'roll star and if you get the chance to do it, why not? I enjoy it, but I have to stop soon or else I'll be typecast.

Your own songs have been described as melancholic. Where does this come from?

I'm originally from the Outer Hebrides - Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis - and I really identify with the place. It's just amazing - the landscape, the sea, and the weather is always rough. I love that. Everybody in the Outer Hebrides is drowning their sorrows the whole time. Deep melancholy, it's in the genes up there.

Who are your musical influences?

Leonard Cohen (laughs). I love Leonard Cohen, he's a poet. I just think he's amazing.

Was it daunting to make Les Miserables?

I remember getting the part on a Tuesday and flying out to New York on the Friday and I was ecstatic. But when I landed in New York I was like, Wait, this isn't right, I'm just a Bromley boy, I don't deserve this, I'm not worthy. I'm kind of glad it hasn't been a major success [in America]. I don't know what it would do to me when you've got all these hotshot American casting directors calling your agent. I'm at a crossroads at the moment. I know it's coming if I want it to, but...

What are you afraid of?

My worst fear is that I become some egotistical, arrogant little bastard and that the business starts to change who I am, what I do, and people start to like me for my image and the work I do, rather that who I truly am. And not being able to find true friends because of that.

I really don't want to be that rich. I'm quite happy to do the work I love doing and have enough money to get by. You know, I don't want to be a millionaire. But if I did get 2 million, I'd try and set up some sort of creative centre for people to express themselves. I'd try to do something with the money, I wouldn't just spunk it on cocaine and limousines.

What's your next film, Bodyworks, about?

It's about a young man's journey. He loses his innocence and slowly finds out what it is to be a man. And that's a powerful thing to go through, when your dreams are shattered and you lose your innocence. I've been through that. You start to doubt everything in your life, all the beliefs you've had. Where do you go from there? You've got nothing to believe in, nothing maters anymore. But then again, you begin to understand Leonard Cohen lyrics.

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