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Germany in April 2005


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Imperium (2004) - Episode "Nero"

A six-episode mini-series covering five centuries of the Roman Empire. "Nero" is the second episode

Nero The emperor Caligula is overcome by madness and sends his sister Agrippina into exile, thus separating her from her only son Nero, who at only 8 years old is placed into the care of a community of slaves in the service of his aunt Domitia. In their company the little boy becomes enamored of theatre and poetry and grows into manhood. Caligula is murdered by his generals and Nero may now re-embrace his mother. But Agrippina has only one specific objective; her son must become emperor. Therefore Nero is forced to renounce his love Atte. With the help of Seneca he initiates a series of political reforms which compromise the power of the rich senators. While Atte discovers Christianity through Paul of Tarsus, Nero descends into madness. The situation is extremely critical. The legions rebel and Nero, now abandoned by everyone, commits suicide. Atte is the only person who is concerned to give his body a worthy burial.
Translation courtesy of Gigi's mamma (from the Lux Vide site

Hans' Role - Emperor Nero

Co-starring Laura Morante, John Simm, Ian Richardson

Directed by Paul Marcus

Written by Paul Billing, Francesco Contaldo

Nero Official Site
Italian site at Lux Vide
German site at ZDF


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