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Les Miserables (1998)

From the Les Miserables official site

Only in his early 20s, HANS MATHESON studied acting in the U.K. He was snapped up immediately by an agent and has been working in theater and television ever since.

Matheson was recently seen as Eddie in Compulsive Viewing's Stella Does Tricks. He also played Jimmy Dolen in The Future Lasts a Long Time for the same production company. Both films were directed by Coky Guedroyc.

His only other film to date is Mojo, directed by Jez Butterworth for Portobello/Mojo Films in which he plays Silver Johnnie, a part he originally created on stage in the play's world premiere at the Royal Court Theatre in London. Matheson has also appeared in a number of television series in the United Kingdom, including "Family Money" opposite Claire Bloom.

"I began acting because I wanted to find out more about myself and my feelings. I remember my first Stanislavski acting lessons when I found this tremendous energy and released so much-it was a really potent day for me. Since then I realized that I wanted to act and I'm prepared to push myself as far as possible.

"When I start work on a project, I always say to a director that I give them the go-ahead to be totally honest, which I find works best. I really wanted to work on Les Miserables because I admire Bille August's work. I trust him totally; he hates sentimentality and has taught me that sometimes it is more touching to play less, more interesting to ask questions about a character than being given the answers."

This sense of idealism fits in neatly with the character he plays, Marius the young revolutionary who believes he can change the world.

"I see Marius as the John Lennon of the 1832 Revolution. He wants peace, but the only way he can achieve peace of mind is to get power for the people. When I first read the script I believed in Marius and responded to him because he is a really passionate character. But more than anything, I was interested in the idea of revolution which I see as something that needs to happen to make things change. Although people die-are sacrificed-it is still the only way forward, unless you are working from the inside."

Marius' passion spills over into his ardent affair with Valjean's daughter: "Marius has never experienced love, until he meets Cosette, and it is absolutely love at first sight. It is refreshing because Marius and Cosette are very honest and up front with one another right from the beginning. Their love is raw, real and true."