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He's cute, he's one of our hottest new actors and he's starred with Uma Thurman. But don't throw yourself at Hans Matheson. He just couldn't cope, as Louise Christie discovers

Company Magazine, December, 2000?

So. Hans, you've burst onto the big screen in the film Bodywork? how does it feel to be a leading man?

Bodywork was made quite a while ago, so I haven't seen it for ages. It's a good film though. When I see myself acting I'm always like, oh no, I shouldn?t have done that ? but you can criticise yourself until you're blue in the face. We had a lot of fun making it, which is the important thing.

And your love interest in the film is Charlotte Coleman (Scarlet from Four Weddings?) is she your kind of woman?

Well, it was great working with her. She's totally mad in a brilliantly wicked way. She has no inhibitions at all!

Sounds interesting?And you worked with Claire Danes and Uma Thurman in the ?98 version of Les Miserables. Were you starstruck?

I was at first. The thing was, I got the call on Tuesday to tell me I'd got the part and by Thursday I was on the plane to New York for rehearsals. So, there I was in a room with Uma Thurman, Claire Danes and Liam Neeson. I couldn't believe it, especially since I'd never been outside the UK before. I calmed down when I realised they're just normal human beings like you and me.

If you say so. So, how will you cope when superstardom hits you?

So far I've only been recognised by a couple of people in my local pub and to be honest, that's the way I like it. I really don't think I'm the kind of actor who could cope with hordes of women throwing themselves at my feet.

So you won't be packing your bags and heading for Hollywood then?

Everyone says that to me, but I don't really know what it means. All these big film companies think they control acting, but I love the idea that I can do films, see my friends and stay in my lovely flat.

Awww! we love a man who's in touch with his roots. So what do you get up to of an evening?

I just have friends round. I hate TV, so instead I have loads of musical instruments scattered around. I've got a big open fire and a huge table, so I cook up some pasta and we sit around playing music and chatting.

Ah I could tell you had a touch of the hippie about you, Hans. I'll just dig out my kaftan?

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