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In February, 2004, Hans Matheson Online switched to the Bravenet Guestbook which allows more space for your comments and includes the date. Archived here are entries in the guestbook from the site's inception in July 2003 until that date. It includes reaction to "Comfortably Numb"'s screening in January 2004, and "Doctor Zhivago"'s US screening in November 2003.

Name :   Michelle
Location :   Denmark (but from UK)
Comment :   Hans is simply HOT! He looks soooooo good! Hes simply adoreable! :o* Perfect! HugZ Michelle.

Name :   black mamba
Location :   Germany
Comment :   Hans is such a talented actor and I am sad about the fact, that I still havent seen him in a major role. I only know les mis, mists of avalon and still crazy, but I am really looking forward to see him in Nero.

Name :   Noni
Location :   Melbourne, Australia
Comment :   I just saw the movie dr. zhivago last nite and it was amazing, hans is one awesome actor, (and a hottie!) hes really real!

Name :   Jennifer
Location :   Sydney, Australia
Comment :   I just saw Dr Zhivago for the first time,as it just screened in Australia all in one go, and i just had to say i thought you were great in this movie!!You were captivating throughtout the 3.25hrs(with ads!)and i dont think anyone else could have played that.

Name :   monica
Location :   long beach ca
Comment :   I love hans matheson and HE DAMN FINE AND HOTTIE

Name :   Maria
Location :   Greece
Comment :   A very good site for a quality actor. Congrats.

Name :   Rachael
Location :   Lancashire
Comment :   Hans, you were great in Comfortably Numb - you are very stunning too!

Name :   Sara-Jayne Location :   Manchester UK
Comment :   Hans Hans, Use me as your Strad I think you are a zillion times sexier than Brad

Name :   Zander Forbes
Location :   New York, USA
Comment :   I am a guy, but I am a Hans fan. I prefer international films, and actors/actresses. Im pleased that he takes quality, self-fulfilling roles. I like your site - not too flashy/feminine; it has a good balance of Hans information & Web Links

Name :   Mema
Location :   ARGENTINA
Comment :   Hey I love you Hans!!! Your eyes are like the sky!! Ojal� pudiera encontrarte en el obelisco o en un bar tanguero. Estas re fuerte, mal mal!! Bueno muchos besos y sigan as� de bien con la p�gina! chauuuuuuuuuuuuss

Name :   S-J
Location :   Ashton-u-Lyne
Comment :   HANS I CLAIM YOU AS MY VALENTINE!!!!! (along with David Bailey ex Davis Blank Furniss Solicitors in Manchester!!)

Name :   Rachael
Location :   Lancashire
Comment :   Hans, you were great in Comfortably Numb - you are very stunning too!

Name :   shane
Location :   surrey
Comment :   yeh still acting im doin more theatre work now in and around surrey and london im in the middle of rehersals for hot mikado south pacific and fiddler on the roof....

Name :   Tanya
Location :   US
Comment :   I remember you Shane! I cry every time that little boy says Papa! Great job!

Name :   shane hervey
Location :   surrey
Comment :   hey hans remember me i played gavroche in les miserables along side u i hope u read these sites get in contact

Name :   Kirstin Maclean
Location :   UK
Comment :   The sites looking great keep up the good work! Wow at the comments here for Hans!

Name :   secret
Location :   secret
Comment :   hans is beautiful. he looked gorgeous in comfortably numb...so sexy

Name :   Pia
Location :   Nederland
Comment :   Hans Matheson is super lekker. Zo hier heeft niemand meer iets aan toe te voegen.

Name :   rachel
Location :   
Comment :   i found 5 longish clips of canone inverso. http://www2.kwcinema.kataweb.it/_palazzo/sala2/canone-inverso-clips.html enjoy.

Name :   Temp/Ten
Location :   U.S.A.
Comment :   TheDragonReborn: Download a free version of RealPlayer. Then you can watch The Future Lasts A Long Time. Try RealPlayer 8.

Name :   monica
Location :   long beach ca
Comment :   hans matheson is so DAMN HOT and im his number 1 FAN .

Name :   Marie
Location :   Louisiana, USA
Comment :   Im watching Les Miserables right now and my god, hes hot. *lol*

Name :   John
Location :   London
Comment :   Just watched Comfortably Numb. Such a sexy guy and such a good actor too.... ;-)

Name :   keski
Location :   Korea
Comment :   heres a picture of Hans from Canon Inverse : http://home.hanmir.com/~keski/hanse.htm you can find more pics here (click the little more icon for whole gallery) http://kr.movies.yahoo.com/movies/movie.asp?mid=2537

Name :   clair
Location :   london
Comment :   is there a better looking guy any were .i dont think so and as soon as you get in the pics on comfortably numb i will be over the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Location :   ist/turkey
Comment :   i saw hans in les miserables and he was so handsome.i love his smile

Name :   Mark
Location :   Oxford
Comment :   God he is just so incredibly fit... Im still reeling from the shower scene in comfortably numb!

Name :   TheDragonReborn
Location :   The United States
Comment :   Great site! Lots of excellent pictures! Well organized! Thanks for keeping out the gossip/tabloid stories.

Name :   Knowlesy
Location :   Chiswick
Comment :   Saw Comfortably Numb last night and could relate to so much of it. Met a lovely guy last October who was just going off to detox and then just disappeared. Hopefully now hes in rehab as he was obviously in denial. Hans was so convincing as the reluctant p

Name :   j guy
Location :   uk
Comment :   saw this guy in comfortably numb, gotta b honest, his performance was great, and sory to be vulgar, but i was impressed with the size of his manhood in that shower scene! hopefully some pictures soon please.

Name :   Charlotte Corr
Location :   Belfast
Comment :   I watched Comfortably Numb last night and just thought I would try to find out a bit more about this gorgeous and talented actor. First time I seen him was in Les Miserables and thought he was a fantastic Marius. Fab website - great pics!! Thanks. Chazza.

Name :   louise
Location :   uk
Comment :   i saw hans in still crazy a few year ago n hes brilliant & totally gorgeous! im 16 & still crazy is 1 of my fave films its brilliant x

Name :   Michael Bayly
Location :   St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Comment :   I was first introduced to Hans through �Doctor Zhivago.� Without doubt, he conveys a very special quality, a depth of spirit--of humanity--that�s rare these days in the film world. On screen and off, he comes across as a very real, authentic individual.

Name :   Michael Bayly
Location :   St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Comment :   This site is a worthy tribute to an incredibly gifted actor. Thanks for putting together and maintaining such an extensive, creative, and informative web-site. I maintain a site on the late, great British vocalist, Dusty Springfield (www.cpinternet.com/mb

Name :   monica
Location :   long beach ca
Comment :   when i saw doctor Zhivago he was so damn hot. and he`s totally sexy.

Name :   La Resistance
Location :   Germany
Comment :   Hi, I dont know how Hans made it. I saw only Les Miserables and The Mists Of Avalon and now he is my faveruite actor! He is so brilliant! I hope, I find a way to get all of his movies. I love this website, especially the pictures... bye la resistance

Name :   Monika
Location :   Polska
Comment :   Wczoraj obejza�am N�dznik�w I stwierdzam,�e to by� �wietmy film...juz dawno takiego nie widzia�am!!HAns by� �wietny....:-)

Name :   Morgaine
Location :   Poland
Comment :   For the first time I saw him as Mordred, his eyes killed me.. Now I can never imagine my life without his look. Why on earth theres no Hans in my real life????

Name :   Susanna
Location :   Finland
Comment :   Dr Zhivago just came out in finnish tv during the holidays and I fell in love with Hans immediatly when I saw him! And I�m not any teenager but a grown woman with children ;-) (I�m so sorry my dear husband ;-D) I think that this site is great.

Name :   Marilyn
Location :   The Netherlands
Comment :   I saw les Mis�rables too, yesterday evening. Theres a very intriging thing about him... dunno exactly, might be the look in his eyes. So I looked up some stuff about him, and he seems like such a great guy to me...-xx-

Name :   Anny
Location :   The Netherlands
Comment :   Yesterday I saw les mis�rables and i thought you were great in that movie. It was the first time I ever saw you on the TV. well that was it... :D:D oooo well I luv to hear your music, cause i also play guitar!!! bye bye

Name :   David
Location :   Parkend/Holm
Comment :   Hi Hans How�s life, good things to good people I hope! Let the thoughts of your mind fall free With the Golden leaves of autumn which fly with the breeze They sail with the wind They go where they please They don�t disappear, they turn back in

Name :   LadyEowyn
Location :   Toronto, Canada
Comment :   I first saw Hans in Mists of Avalon, and Im thinkng to myself, he looks JUST like Legolas!! My friends also in love wih him.

Name :   Alice Ableman
Location :   Minnesota USA
Comment :   I was captivated by Hans when I first saw him on Mists of Avelon. He had that delicously evil stare that looked sinister as well as inviting. Later, his face melts into a puppy dog look that makes me want to take him home! Im not sure what my husband would ssay.

Name :   Monika
Location :   Polska
Comment :   Wczoraj obejza�am N�dznik�w I stwierdzam,�e to by� �wietmy film...juz dawno takiego nie widzia�am!!HAns by� �wietny....:-)

Name :   Susanna
Location :   Finland
Comment :   Dr Zhivago just came out in finnish tv during the holidays and I fell in love with Hans immediatly when I saw him! And I�m not any teenager but a grown woman with children ;-) (I�m so sorry my dear husband ;-D) I think that this site is great since there

Name :   mari
Location :   finland
Comment :   one night i saw your movie, doctor zhivago.. i love it..you was so good..i saw dream about you..you was my father..i dont have father..thank you..you gave me hope..

Name :   Vivian
Location :   Finland
Comment :   Thank you for your wonderful website! I love Hans and not much information about him to be found. I am so happy when I found your website! I dont wrhite English so good but try understand =) Thank you your lovely website!

Name :   U
Location :   USA
Comment :   Thank you for your wonderful website. Hans could be my son, I can see were his family must be so very proud of him. He is a terrific actor. His beautiful eyes are so very expressive. Thank you for your good work to bring us pictures and information.

Name :   Nicky
Comment :   hey outthere! your site is great, I just wanted to say!I admire Hans very much for his incredible acting(personally fell in love with the character Marius!)and love for poetry ect.!You dont find much of such actors these days!!Well, keep up the good work!

Name :   Temp/Ten
Location :   The States
Comment :   Thank You for all your hard work, Youve done an excellent job updating this site, on a near daily basis. Thank you for keeping up with the demand of Hans fans. We love the pics, we love the news bits & bio, we love the articles, and we definitely love Hans!

Name :   Charlotte
Location :   England
Comment :   I am Hanss biggest fan.............as well as being really gorgeous he is such a talented actor. I bought Deathwatch on video and noticed a really fit man in it, I found out his name and looked him up on the INternet. I then realised that he was in Dr Zhivago.

Name :   Rose
Location :   
Comment :   Thanks so much for your work on this website, and keep it coming! I read on IMDb that Hans is going to star in two new miniseries in 2004, Nero and Imperium. I cant wait!

Name :   Rita
Location :   Portugal
Comment :   The first time I saw Hans was in the film Les miserables. Apart of being a excellent actor he is also beatifull, and have a sweet eyes that I never seen in anybody else! Than I saw Dr Zhivago and my admiration for hym grow. Does anyone know some adrees to

Name :   Star Brunswick
Location :   Montebello, CA, USA
Comment :   Hans is such a great actor. It was great watching him in Doctor Zhivago. Hes also a very attractive man.

Name :   Caroline Location :   Malmo, Sweden Comment :   Hans is so beautiful... He�s such a great actor. Hopes that he will do more films in the future. Does he have an adress where you can send fan-lettters to him? Does anybody know?

Name :   Mellisa
Location :   La Jolla, Calif.
Comment :   It was so good to see Hans Matheson again in Dr.Zhivago. Hes very winning onscreen, something really disarming about his delivery I think.

Name :   Brittany
Location :   riiiiight???
Comment :   OMG!!!!!!!!! Why is he so friggin sexy!?1? He has the most beautiful eyes and a hot smile!! He is a great actor and gives a great performance in all of his movies! Keep them pics coming, maybe some nude(just kidding)

Name :   Simone de Andrade
Location :   Brazil
Comment :   Hans is gourgeous, handsome, so hot, sexy, everything and excellent actor! I love him, being bad man (Mordred) or good boy(Marius)at both, he looks wonderful! I LOVE HIM

Name :   um...
Location :   um... Comment :   ok i love him. hes a great actor and i just saw him in dr. zhivago. oh my god that was an amazing moive. and i havent realized how many things ive seen him in like les miz and the mists of avalon. he is a great actor.

Name :   Silvia Location :   New Jersey USA
Comment :   I cant remember the last time I was so impressed with a movie. Doctor Zhivago touched me in a very special way. Hans Matheson was a wonderful Yury. Thanks for the website

Name :   RosieC.
Location :   usa
Comment :   Hi my name is Rosie C. cool Hans Matheson website is so sexy and hot! i saw the mini series on pbs of Dr. vhviago it was so cool and poetic. all the cast gave good performances on tv. fan of hans and the cast of dr. Vhivago , Rosiec.

Name :   Shaun
Location :   Montana
Comment :   Thanks for this setting up this great website. I just finished watching Dr.Zhivago and have been searching like crazy for a Hans Matheson site. Yours is awesome. THANK YOU! :)

Name :   Lisa Location :   USA
Comment :   I also just watched the entire Dr. Zhivago and was so moved by Hans performance. His eyes are so piercing...What a talent and not hard to look at either.

Name :   Julia
Location :   Washington DC
Comment :   Thi site is great, Hans Matheson is perfect, sensitive, and gorgeous...Thanks for loving him

Name :   Sydney & Marielle
Location :   America
Comment :   We absolutly LOVE Hans Matheson, We think he is soooooooooo hot and an excellent actor!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SO FINE!!!!

Name :   mona
Location :   
Comment :   Oh! Hans is so handsome! When I saw him in Les Miserables I fell in love! Its great to know how many other people think so too!

Name :   Kristine
Location :   New Jersey, USA
Comment :   Wow, thanks for having this site! I just finished watching the first part of Doctor Zhivago and I couldnt stop thinking Where do I know this Hans from?! because he looked so familiar. Turns out Ive seen him in Mists of Avalon.

Name :   Simone de Andrade
Location :   Brazil
Comment :   I love your site because I love Hans Matheson!

Name :   Kirstin Maclean
Location :   UK
Comment :   I like your site, its very well layed out and presented. Nice job! xxx

Name :   Emilie
Location :   Canada
Comment :   This movie is so great. Kiera knightley and Hans matheson, what a grat onscreen duo. Plus, hans matheson is one of the hottest actors around right now... its sort of corny, but its soooooooooooo true..;)

Name :   Christina
Location :   Texas
Comment :   Great site!Thanks so much its great knowing Hans is so supported.

Name :   Loreto
Location :   CHILE

Name :   Jesy
Location :   Bristol
Comment :   This is fantastic - another Hans web-site! The world needs to know!

Name :   H.A.
Location :   Youd like to know, wouldnt you? Comment :   More, more, more of everything!

Name :   Riikka
Location :   Finland
Comment :   Great site. I loved the little music section :)

Name :   Kate
Location :   America
Comment :   Hiya Tonya Really nice site...Im happy theres now another site incase the others off line. Smashing job so far! Love ya.

Name :   Morgaine
Location :   Norway
Comment :   I love your site, and I LOVE HANS

Name :   Gigi
Location :   USA, generally, elsewhere as often as possible
Comment :   Looking good! Youre my hero. Anyone who comes here will know this is respectful dedication. Let me know what I can do to help,... that doesnt involve spelling.

Name :   Tracy
Location :   St. Louis
Comment :   Awesome, love the pictures:-) Great job!!

Name :   sarah
Location :   London, UK
Comment :   This is a gorgeous little site, well done, look forward to seeing more stuff in the future! keep up the good work.. i love it.. take care, sarz xx

Name :   Tanya
Location :   Las Vegas, NV, USA
Comment :   Great site! Keep up the good


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