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"Chained to Loving You" from the Mojo soundtrack
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Chained To Loving You

When I have your loving arms around me
I know that I will never be free
I'll always be a slave
To the loving you I crave
But baby, baby, baby don't set me free.

When I have your loving arms around me
Tears they roll out of my eyes
Cos I know that it's true
I could never stop loving you
No matter, no matter, no matter how hard I try.

Hold me, closer to your heart
Devour me
Imprison me with kisses

And don't ever let me go
Not even if I beg you so
I don't want to be apart from you
Girl you know it's true
I'm Chained to loving you.

Chained to loving you.

written by Murray Gold.

EMI Music Publishing LTD. Produced By Neal X

1997 EMI Record LTD